Marketing Strategies To Retain Your Customers in Orlando

By | June 18, 2018

There is a lot of talk about how to attract new clients, but not so much about which are the best strategies to retain them. And customer retention is vital to growing any business. Not only because selling to a customer you already have is more accessible than selling to a new one, but because customers are satisfied with your company are also likely to become ambassadors of your brand, recommending your products or services to family and friends. One known strategy is to ask assistance from an SEO agency. They can guide you about effective strategies to be more visible online. They have orlando SEO expert to make your digital marketing more successful aside from the below strategies mentioned.

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Most effective marketing strategies to retain your customers

The cost of retaining your customers

Retaining your customers and achieving repeat in the purchase – the more often they buy, the better. It is essential for your company to grow. Keeping customers has a cost. You have to invest in a product, in marketing, in the customer service department, in after-sales service, etc. but this is much less than the cost of attracting new customers. Retaining an existing client costs five times less than capturing a new one. An essential first step is meeting your clients. Before you start talking about the most effective strategies to retain your customers, it is imperative that you know who they are.

Personalize messages and offers

The categorization of your customers based on their purchasing habits helps you design your retention marketing campaigns according to each group of customers, depending on whether your goal to increase, the frequency or the value of the purchases.

Proactivity in customer service

It’s better to prevent than to cure. In the business field, it is better to anticipate and be proactive in resolving small incidents, than to be reactive and try to address them when they have already become a problem. It is normal that, on more than one occasion, your customers have some difficulty using one of your products or services. Having an educated customer service team, predisposed and able to solve any inconvenience will leave the client satisfied, and the difficulty that may have taken place will take a back seat. Proper treatment and the willingness to solve incidents are necessary attitudes of those who work in a customer service department and should be put into practice whether dealing with a new or old customer.

Ask your clients what they need

Before launching a new product or service, ask your customers what they need. Another option is to first develop a prototype and select a group of your best customers to try it for free and give you feedback. These customers will feel special, and will surely appreciate that their suggestions are taken into account to finish shaping the design of a new product or service.

Use social networks

The use of social networks is an excellent tool that helps improve your customer retention ratios. Through these channels especially Twitter you can not only know what people think about your brand, but it is a communication channel that helps build good relationships with your customers. Increasingly, many people use Twitter as a channel to inform themselves or to report incidents in the use of a product or service. And you have to be there to give them an adequate response as soon as possible. Getting quick and useful answers quickly improve the perception of your brand and therefore contributes to improving retention.

Communicates transparently

Communication in a transparent and sincere manner is essential to develop a brand image that inspires confidence. Starting with the information on your web page, and continuing with all the communications you make to your customers, either through newsletters or social networks. Reporting in a clear and transparent manner is especially important in case there is a reputation crisis through social networks. To prevent bad news or a customer’s bad experience from spreading through the web, and for the consequences to be magnified in an exaggerated way, it is essential to have a protocol or action plan. Thus, whoever is in charge of social networks will know how to act in case of a crisis of this kind, and will be able to do it with due speed. Responding quickly and well in these cases has a significant impact on the client’s perception of your brand. Whatever has caused the bad experience will take a back seat in your client’s memory, as long as the reputation crisis is managed on time and in the right way.

Surprise your customers from time to time

Surprises work to improve relationships, both in the personal field and in the relations between customers and brands. It is proven that the surprise factor is compelling in marketing.


These marketing strategies will undoubtedly serve to retain your customers. If you use them often, your clients will always prefer your brand than your competitor’s, no matter what happens. Of course, do not forget to apply them successfully, the first and most important thing is to know your customers very well.

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