Introduction To Marketing: The Basic Concepts

By | July 1, 2017

Marketing can be approached from two points of view, as a philosophy and as a technique. As a philosophy, it is a way of conceiving the commercial activity that starts from the needs of the consumer. It is aimed at their satisfaction at the same time the transaction benefits all parties involved. In a technical point of view, it is the way to develop the commercial activity that consists of identifying, creating, developing and serving the demand.

What are the functions of marketing?

Detect the needs of the consumers

By adopting policies that define the areas where these needs are sought. The potential users should be identified, and a solution sought. At this point, it is fundamental to apply an imaginative and innovative philosophy.

Find a product that adequately meets the needs of the user

The key point here is in the word “properly." You have to compare a product with the one of the competition and to see how they evaluate this satisfaction of the needs of the potential users.

  • It is vital in the commercialization of a product. The following must be analyzed:
  • With whom you want to communicate.
  • What you want to communicate: talk about what is important for the user.
  • With what means you want to communicate: taking into account audience habits, adaptation of the medium to what we want to communicate, profitability of the medium, …
  • How you want to communicate: opening a gap between all the messages that our Objective person, indicating that our message is for him and being intelligible to him.

Basic concepts in marketing

  • Product: Any material goods, idea or service that has a value for the consumer or user and is capable of satisfying a need.
  • Good: Tangible physical object. It can be destroyed by consumption or endure for use.
  • Ideas: It is a concept, philosophy, an opinion, an image or a question. They are intangible.
  • Necessity: Psychological or physiological state, common to all human beings, characterized by the feeling of lack.
  • Desire: The way in which the will to satisfy a need is expressed. It is influenced by the individual, society, culture, environment … and can be influenced by marketing.
  • Demand: It is the express formulation of desire. It is conditioned by the plaintiff"s resources and marketing stimuli.
  • Exchange: It is getting an item that we want from someone by offering something in return.

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