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Marketing Strategies To Retain Your Customers in Orlando

There is a lot of talk about how to attract new clients, but not so much about which are the best strategies to retain them. And customer retention is vital to growing any business. Not only because selling to a customer you already have is more accessible than selling to a new one, but because… Read More »

How To Become A Digital Marketing Expert In Jacksonville

Being an expert in digital marketing today is very different from how it used to be a few years ago. At that time, advertisers and other marketing professionals focused, almost exclusively, on web content and search engine optimization strategies, acting in the manner of specialized engineers, but now, digital marketing professionals have become something like directors.… Read More »

Introduction To Marketing: The Basic Concepts

Marketing can be approached from two points of view, as a philosophy and as a technique. As a philosophy, it is a way of conceiving the commercial activity that starts from the needs of the consumer. It is aimed at their satisfaction at the same time the transaction benefits all parties involved. In a technical… Read More »